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Tunable TeO2 AO-filter based imaging spectrometer
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8882 Å

Imaging spectrometer based on the tunable acousto-optical filter is designed for the acquisition of data combining simultaneously both high spatial resolution and high spectral resolution. The spectrometer is intended mostly for study the planets and the emission objects - planetary nebulae and Seyfert galaxies - to get images at different wavelengths.
The device can be useful for study the variability of emission lines in AGNs (active galactic nuclei), such as Seyfert galaxies and quasars. The spectrometer possesses very large optical input aperture and large optical angular aperture. Special optical geometry of the acousto-optical filter is used in order to keep the direction of the optical axis the same. These constructive features of the device provide easy way for its installation into the telescope because the complicated additional optics is not needed. The spectrometer can be used with any typical f/12 - f/20 Cassegrain telescope and with any typical CCD camera. The computer-controlled two-channel driver system provides the potential capability for the correlation spectral analysis.
Literature: V.Ya. Molchanov at al. "An acousto-optical imaging spectrophotometer for astrophysical observations", Astronomy Letters, vol.28, No.10, 2002, pp. 713-720.

Remarks: spectral ranges 400-630 nm, 1100-2300 nm and 2300 - 4800 nm are also available.
Item Units MT-5101 custom made
  Spectral range nm 630 - 1200 please specify
  Acousto-optical material - TeO2 -
  Spectral resolution at -3 dB level and 656.3 nm. nm 1.3 -
  Spatial resolution arcsec < 1 -
  Optical angular aperture deg 7.0 -
  Optical aperture mm 25 x 25 please specify
  Number of spectral points - 16 383 please specify
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