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Acousto-optical 10.6 µm radiation frequency shifter
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Frequency Shifter

  Light - sound interaction medium in the Acousto-optical 10.6 µm shifter is <111> cut Ge crystal. LiNbO3 longitudinal acoustic wave transducer is attached by cold Indium vacuum welding. Dimensions of the transducer are 1.5 mm x 20 mm. Light beam polarization plane is shown by two white points near input-output holes.
Item Units MT-4101 custom made
  Wavelength µm 10.6 µm please specify
  Input Optical Aperture mm 1.5 x 3.0 please specify
  Light beam divergence mrad up to 1.1 -
  Output beam separation deg 12.1 -
  Light beam power W up to 10.0 -
  VSWR - < 1.5 -
  Driving power limit (water cooling is necessary) W 20.0 -
  Upper temperature limit of frequency shifter package °C 35 -
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